Dana aus Caracal

Ihr Lieben,

wir haben uns bereit erklärt eine weitere Tierschützerin, Dana, aus Rumänien finanziell und bei den Spenden zu unterstützen. Primär geht es darum ihr zu helfen Tierarztrechnungen zu begleichen, Kastrationen durchzuführen und Sach- und Futterspenden zu senden.
Die Katzen werden mit der Unterstützung einer anderen Tierschützerin in der Niederlande vermittelt. Hier stellt sie sich vor :

My name is Dana Geauca and I live in a small town in the south of Romania. My first cat was Negruta( in the photo with me)rescued from a basement and she became our cat family in 2011. She inspired me to start rescuing another cats from the streets. So in 2013, two years after, I started to save other souls in need. Romania is full of abandons, especially in spring-summer when new born babies are dumped, but also during all year cats different sizes, adult or kittens are thrown by the persons who want to get rid of them and do not spay them. I live in a house with yard 500m2 enclosed with fences. The cats that I rescue enjoy fresh air playing in the yard especially when it’s good weather. At the moment I have 30 rescued cats. I have support with a foster in Netherlands where I send my cats and she finds very good families for them..I do not agree with the persons who collect cats and keep them forever stucked without letting them have their own family..Rescuing does not mean to collect . It means to save , to find good families for them, to have place for others, then to rescue new ones, find homes for them , too and so on. Of course in all these many things are needed: food, medicines when there are new cats rescued ill, spay/ neuter programs which is the most important thing.
I saved healthy cats, but also ill cats that I needed to spend time at vet to treat them. New born babies that I needed to bottle feed them day and night because they were only few days old. The biggest joy is when the cat is fine, healthy and goes in adoption and I see it in photos happy in her family. The sadest part of the rescuing is when a life cannot be saved . Because there are situations in which the cats are so ill and despite all medical effort, they die. It is the worse situation.
Because I become attach to each one of my rescued cats and I suffered when I lost those ones that couldn’t be saved.I will continue always to rescue cats because it really worths to change their lifes. I wish one day there won’t be anymore cats dumped on the streets in need to be saved.